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Contact Us / Reservation

Flow of Contract

**Individual Contract**

Inquiry / Viewing Reservation

Please contact to our head office by phone or e-mail with the information of property/room type you are interested in.
We will inform you room vacancies, prices and the details.


Contact Us

How to Apply

We accept booking within 2 months prior to your stay term. Please let us know your request of the contract term, the room type and so on.
We require to provide us the necessary documents for a screening process before your reservation has been settled.

[The required documents]

(For Individual Contract)
  • Applicant’s & all resident’s ID (Passport, Residential card, Driver’s license etc)
  • ID (Driver’s license, National health insurance card)
  • Applicant’s job information
  • Copy of your company ID or business card
  • Income certification
(For Corporate Contract)
  • Resident’s ID (Passport, Residential card, Driver’s license etc)
  • Corporate information (Website or Brochure)
  • Company’s registration certificate ※ In Japan only


The screening process takes about a few days after receiving all of the required documents.
Our staff will contact you the results once your reservation has been settled completely. Please understand that we can’t answer any details toward the judgement even if it’s refused.

Contract and Invoice

You can sign the leasing contract at the front desk when you arrive or we can send them to you in advance.
Please verify if your contract is correct when we send you a confirmation and get back to us if you have any change or question.


Please choose the payment method as below.
● Credit card or Cash at the property
● Bank transfer (Required payment before the contract starting date)


After the contract has been signed and we have confirmed all of your payment,we’ll take over your room’s key.


(1- month notice will be required depending on the contract period) Please understand that we may need to refuse the renewal or ask you to shift the room due to the availability.


Once you decide to finish your contract, please give us the notice by 2 weeks or 1 month prior to the last day of your contract.
We will have a room inspection before your move-out. Please let us know your move-out time in advance.

Settlement after move-out

In case there are a refund from our company,please fill in your bank account information and signature on the “Statement of account form”.
If you want us to pay back to overseas bank account, please understand that any transection/handling fee isn’t covered by us.