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Service Apartment

Service Apartment

"Duplex" serviced apartments are fully-furnished high-grade premium monthly apartments.
Staying in our serviced apartments is just like staying in a luxury hotel.
Furthermore, we offer more spacious and comfortable rooms at reasonable prices.

Please just bring in your suitcase!
With Duplex you'll find how easy to start a new life in Tokyo.

Service Apartment

How does it differ from hotel??

You will see fewer outside people visiting Duplex because only residents enter and leave the premises.

Rent remains unchanged even when the number of residents per apartment increases from one to two or more.

You can enjoy cooking in the kitchen in your room.
Every room comes with washer and dryer and you can do the laundry yourself anytime.

How does it differ from Chintai rent??

No lease deposit, key money, agent charge or intermediate fee are required.
Water and electricity charges are included in the rent. You don't have to worry about taking water and electricity connections and making periodic payments.
Rental procedure is much simpler. You can rent an apartment within 24 hours.
Guarantor is basically not required
Rental period is negotiable.
Payment with credit card is acceptable.

Client's feedback

A guest who visited Tokyo on business for 3 months from overseas

You can easily find good serviced apartments in other countries. I was initially concerned if that would be the case in Japan too. Then I found Duplex on the Internet. I communicated with Duplex over email for initial inquiry and subsequent booking. When I moved in, I was really pleased to find that rooms were much bigger and cleaner than expected and that you can flexibly extend or shorten the rent period on monthly basis to meet your requirements.

A guest who rented Duplex for 2 months because renovation of her home

Duplex was just like a city hotel. But unlike a hotel, I did't see outside people moving in and out other than the residents. Therefore, I had a very peaceful stay. I was glad to find a kitchen in my apartment as I had to cook daily for my kid. Water, electricity, CATV, internet connection, house keeping, moving out cleaning charges are included in the rent. As these fees are not charged separately, the rent was really reasonable.

A guest who rented Duplex for a month between his return from overseas and his search for new house to live

As everything from furniture, electronic appliance to day-to-day goods were readily available in my apartment, my life at Duplex was so easy allowing me plenty of time to search a new house to live. Duplex was a really comfortable place to live as it provides superior security and it was conveniently located.

Guests (a couple in 60's) who rented Duplex for a month for Tokyo sightseeing

Our dream had been to find a place to stay in Tokyo and take time looking around many spots. However, our concern was rent. We once rented a cheap hotel, which was disappointing. Staying at hotel in Tokyo is too expensive for us. As kitchen is not available at hotel room, you have to eat out all the time. This was also our big concern as it is not economical and not healthy. At that time, my son heard about serviced apartments. We looked into website through my son's computer and found Duplex. The room seemed big enough to live. Kitchen and daily appliance were readily available in the room. Therefore, I imagined staying at Duplex would be comfortable and something very similar to our everyday life at home. You have to pay for 'twin' when two of you stay at hotel. This is not the case at Duplex. Duplex is less expensive as the rent remains unchanged even if the number of residents per apartment increases. Therefore, we selected Duplex. When we moved in, we were really pleased to find that the room was much more spacious than expected. As the kitchen was big enough, I was able to cook just like I do at home. I was able to wash clothes almost everyday as a washer-drier was in our room. We were able to sleep well as we heard no noise from other apartments. The Duplex staff was kind enough to make us feel at home. We were able to make a lot of good memories thanks to them. Duplex will be definitely our recommendation when our friends plan to come to Tokyo for business and sightseeing.

A guest (business person in the 30's) who traveled on an urgent trip to Tokyo head office from his local office.

I rented Duplex for two months. I had to make this trip urgently. Initially, I thought I have no choice but staying at a hotel though I was bit worried about my hotel life as I can't cook and wash clothes myself. Then I heard about the Duplex serviced apartment from my friend. I realized we can rent it on monthly basis; we can rent it quite easily as you don't need to prepare a lot of documents unlike "chintai" apartment rental. I was particularly pleased to learn that it is possible to move in within two days from the date of application. They accepted rent payment on holiday by credit card, which was quite helpful. From next time, you can make reservation by simply calling them for booking (repeater system). I'd like to use Duplex once again.

A guest (who has his own house in suburban Tokyo) who rented for a month

When I am busy, I work late and often miss my last train to go back home. My house is close to Hachioji. Even though I can take taxi on company expense, I really don't want to go back home when I'm extremely tired. Given the physical/economical burdens of community, the company allowed me to use hotel at center of Tokyo. The limit was 8,000 per day. When I was looking for a place to stay, I discovered Duplex among hotels and "weekly mansions." At Duplex, I was able to rent a 26m2 apartment for less than 8,000 Yen per day. My office was at a walking distance from Duplex. Room cleaning happened on weekdays, so they did't bother me on weekends when I was sleeping till noon. Since then, I have been using Duplex whenever I'm busy and have to stay at a hotel.