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About a contract

What do I need to provide when I apply?

Basically we require to provide an application, all resident’s ID, income certificate for individual contract.
For further information, please check the “Flow of Contract” page.

What is included in the rent?

The rent includes utilities (water, electricity, and gas),Internet connection, and the cleaning fee after you have left a room.
For other services and the fees, please check the “Services & Facilities” page.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Security deposit is required for contract more than one month (100,000 Yen~).

We will keep it until the end of your contract.
If there is no problems after our room inspection (eg. damage or loss), the deposit will be refunded to your bank account.
*You will have to bear cash transfer-fee for foreign bank accounts.

Do I need to pay to restore the original state?

Restoration-fee is included in the rent so you don’t have to pay any restoration charges as such. (There are exceptions however. For example, willful damage in the room, stains or discoloration/from smoking, etc.)

Is cancellation fee charged?

We require 100% of the first payment from 4 days prior to your contract starting date.

Can I use a Credit card?

Yes. We accept VISA, Master, DC, American Express, JCB, Diners, and 銀聯( China Union Pay).

Do I pay tax?

The rent is non-taxable. Also there is no lodging tax since this is not a hotel.
However, if you use the other optional services, those fees will get taxed.

Is it possible to extend/renew the contract?

It’s possible as long as the room is available. Please let us know 2 weeks before your contract termination.

How do I get the Room Key?

You can receive your room key at the front desk when you move in.
In case you arrive after the operation hours of the front desk or there is no front desk at the property, we will inform you how to move-in. Please let us know your move-in time in advance.

What time is the move in and out time?

You can move in and out anytime you want. Sometimes we require these time in advance depending on the contract so please let us know your request in advance.

Can we hold a room temporarily?

I’m afraid but we can’t. Basically, we can proceed the booking process once we receive the necessary documents. Please understand that the availability is always changed.


Does a room have a phone? How do I pay for the fee?

It depends on the properties so please check the “Service & Facilities” page. In case you use outside line, we require to pay for the fee all together later.

Do you have parking spaces?

Some properties have parking lots. Please ask us about the availability.
**The contract & payment will be required separately from the rent.

What kind of furniture, electronic appliances and household utensils are provided in the room?

A variety of furnishings and appliances are provided for your comfortable stay.
For more information, please check at the page “Services & Facilities”.

Does apartment have kitchen or washer?

Each apartment has them.

Can I access the Internet?

High speed Internet connect(Wi-Fi 100Mbps) is available free of charge.
*Please bring your computer.

What kind of facilities does the property have?

Please check at the each property page “Property & Facilities”.

Is there a gym in the property?

There is no gym inside each of our properties. We will be able to introduce the location near our property at the front desk.

What kinds of amenities are equipped in the room?

Small portions of shampoo, conditioner & body wash, 2 toothbrushes, 2 Bath towels, 2 face towels, 1 bath mat are equipped. (3 sets of towels in 2bedroom)
Please check the “Service & Facilities” page of each property regarding other equipment.

Is there anything I can rent, and how much it will be?

There are Extra bed, humidifier, bicycle, etc. It depends on property, please check the “Services & Facilities” page.

Do you rent out a baby crib?

If you request in advance, we can introduce a rental company to you.


When time is the front desk open?

Weekdays: 8am to 4pm / Weekends & Holidays: 10am to 4pm
**12-1pm is closed.

What kind of the concierge services do you provide?

There are bilingual front desk staff.
・Dry cleaning
・Support for visitors and handling messages
・Taxi arrangement
・Limousine bus arrangement
・Location information
*There is no concierge service at Duplex Ginza Tower 7/10.

Is a house cleaning service provided?

We provide house cleaning, towel / linen changing, bed making.
They will be optional service in some properties. Please check the “Service & Facilities” page in detail.

Is the day for house cleaning decided?

Yes, it is. If you have any specific request, please inform us in advance. We can’t accept any change on the day.

What can I do when if I face any problems with water supply?

Please contact the front concierge service during the operating hours.
If it is out of operating hours, please contact the emergency number of your property. (*Japanese Only)

What are the operating hours of the front concierge service?

It depends on the property. Please check the “Services & Facilities” page.

Do you have foreign news or drama channels on TV?

We provide SKY Perfect TV.
This might be separately charged. Please contact us for further details.


Can we view a room?

Yes, please let us know the convenience date and the property/room type you are interested in.

Is there any limit to the number of renters?

Basically, Studio/1bedroom are max 3 people use. The limit depends on the room type and the rent is not changed by the number of renters. Please ask our staff in detail.

Can I send luggage/packages to the property in advance?

We ask all renters to send them with setting the delivery date during the contract term and receive by themselves. Also, we recommend to use delivery boxes at the property during your stay.