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To the corporation

Use as company house or dormitory
Please use as a second house in Tokyo based on short-term and long-term business trips

Why Choose Duplex Serviced Apartments

  1. Procedure correspondence
    Our staff will assist you in the process.
  2. Properties concentrated in the city center
    We introduce properties specialized in central Tokyo as a base for short-term and long-term business trips.
  3. Experienced sales staff
    Our experienced sales staff will respond quickly and kindly.
  4. English correspondence
    For foreign nationals, our bilingual staff will assist you with hospitality.
  5. 福利厚生費の削減
  6. Serviced Apartments
    As it is a service like a hotel, it is suitable for business trips, training and temporary housing.
Why Choose Duplex Serviced Apartments

Difference between Duplex Service Apartment and Hotel

Duplex Service Apartment Hotel
Size From 25m2 to 70m2 Average from 25m2 to 70m2
Floor plan Studio type to 2 bedroom type Studio type is central
fee The rate per room does not change by how many people use (there is a limit on the number of people) It increases according to the number of the users
Washing machine Complete in all rooms coin laundry
kitchen Complete in all rooms None
Tax and service charge None Yes

Customer service

Duplex related services

Flow of contract

We will ask you the schedule, area, number of people, budget from your company representative, and will propose the best plan.
"Please tell us your preferred room. You will only receive your application form for the first time.
We will mail you the contract documents, so please sign and seal and return."
Move in
Please come with one bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a company that has been trading for some time, can I use with other companies?

Is possible.
Please compare it with other companies and realize our sense of value.

Can you introduce a room based on company regulations?

We have specialized sales staff who are experienced in sales, so please be assured.

Do you handle rooms with furniture appliances?

We have a large number of rooms with furniture appliances at our direct managed apartments.

Is it possible to respond even if the period from the date of your appointment to your arrival is short?

Please choose for me. In addition to properties managed by the Company, we will work with other companies' management companies to execute prompt and accurate contract procedures.

Can you handle personal contracts instead of corporate contracts?

It is possible to cope. Even in the case of a personal contract, we will respond at your company's tie-up discount rate, so please use it as a part of welfare program.