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Safety measures for COVID-19 prevention


We would like to announce our safety measures for COVID-19 prevention that we carry out in our properties as below.

■  Removal of bacteria by Ozone generator at the restoration cleaning work 
Cleaning rooms with using professional Ozone generator after residents move out.

■  Antibiotics Work in properties  
Enforce antibiotics work around the entrance and elevators frequently, and set anti-bacterial hand spray in front of the elevators.

■  Non face-to-face process for move-in
Proceed with the move-in procedure without face to face regarding keys, contracts and payment.
Check the health condition when residents move in.

■  No concierge service provided
Stop any direct services at the front desk and provide them remotely for a while.

■  Simplification of house cleaning service
Residents can require not to clean the room with our staff's entering and we can provide linen set instead of the work.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the following;

E-mail:   or   TEL:   +81-3-6255-5515

If your health condition is changed, please don't forget to contact us!

※ Guide to receive medical service

We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation.